Mentors in Medicine

Training the next generation of healthcare workers doesn’t happen without great preceptors. Meet a current resident and one of their preceptors and learn how working together helps them both.

Fourth-year resident Jake Barnes, MD, will be working as an anesthesiologist in his home state of Wyoming when his training is completed. Megan Lanigan, MD, is an anesthesiologist and assistant professor at the University of Minnesota Medical School. Dr. Lanigan, a preceptor since 2013, has been precepting Dr. Barnes since his residency began.

anes mentor

Jake Barnes, MD

Why did you first get into healthcare?
I have always loved the sciences and have found helping patients and working alongside such great people rewarding.

What benefits do you get from your preceptors?
Great training and mentorship.

What benefits do you see preceptors receiving?
Getting to share their experiences with trainees and be reinvigorated by trainees' enthusiasm.

What should we know about Dr. Lanigan?
Dr. Lanigan has been my mentor since I started residency and has been so supportive in our time together. She is not only an excellent anesthesiologist but also an avid painter and photographer.

Megan Lanigan, MD

Why did you first get into healthcare?
I wanted to be a physician since I was in middle school because I loved science and thought it would be great to help take care of people. As I became more exposed to the healthcare field, I really enjoyed providing comfort and developing a rapport with people during some of the most difficult times in their lives.

What benefits do you get from being a preceptor?
Being able to interact with residents and watch them grow and develop from the time that they arrive in our department to the end of their training is very satisfying. Residents can help challenge preceptors to continue to learn and explore themselves.

What benefits do you see learners receiving?
Having a dedicated person to go to with problems or concerns is beneficial, in addition to the feedback and scheduled check-ins that help ensure learners are moving along the right path.

What should we know about Dr. Barnes?
Dr. Barnes is a dedicated and hard-working resident who has been great to work with. He is always looking out for others and is someone that his co-residents really seem to look up to and seek out as a strong role model.