Anesthesiologists from several Midwest academic anesthesiology departments came together at the University of Minnesota this September to pull together their medical knowledge and share it amongst their colleagues.

The annual Midwest Academic Anesthesiology Exchange Conference (MAAX) is a collaborative amongst the University of Iowa, University of Nebraska, University of Wisconsin, Medical College of Wisconsin, and University of Minnesota. Faculty of each institution come together each year to share skills and expertise, engage in faculty development activities, and network with colleagues.

This year’s conference featured presentations and panels, comprised of faculty from each institution. Senior leaders from other departments also attend and provided their knowledge and expertise to the junior faculty in attendance.

This year's conference would not have been possible without the commitment and dedication by Drs. Ben Fuller and Martina Richstfeld who served as chairs for the conference. Also a thank you to all the staff that allowed this year's event to run smoothly.

The University of Minnesota Department of Anesthesiology is thankful to the faculty from our neighboring institutions who could attend and for the relationships that are fostered at the MAAX conference. We look forward to another engaging conference next year.