The University of Minnesota Medical School Departments of Anesthesiology and Surgery recently welcomed physicians back from a medical mission trip to Uganda. The departments have a medical collaboration with Ruth Gaylord Hospital Maganjo in Kampala, Uganda where doctors spend one week providing free surgeries to low-income patients.

This trip marked progress in expanding the relationship to involve more doctors from the University as well as more patients.

“Our latest surgical camp was the most rewarding of all because we were able to bring trainees from both Anesthesiology and Surgery, and we were able to perform some pediatric surgeries for the first time. The trainees were very enthusiastic to learn how to work with limited resources in a new environment,” said Dr. Monica Lupei, Assistant Professor in the Department of Anesthesiology.

Dr. Elizabeth Webber, an anesthesiology fellow and Dr. Alexa Coughlan, a surgical resident traveled with faculty members Dr. Lupei and surgeons Dr. Greg Beilman, and Dr. Brad Segura. The team of five was able to perform 29 surgeries, including 7 pediatric surgeries.

In the past two other surgeons, Dr. Jeff Chipman and Dr. Kristin Colling have participated as well. Dr. Beilman and Dr. Lupei have been part of the surgical camps in 2017 and 2018.

Listen to the Department of Surgery’s podcast to hear more about the university’s work in Uganda from guest Dr. Jeff Chipman.