The CLHSS faculty members Ju Sun, PhD, and Rui Zhang, PhD, were awarded a $1.2 million R01 grant from the National Cancer Institute to develop an innovative AI-driven computational framework that addresses data imbalance issues in biomedical data science, with a specific focus on cardiotoxicity prediction for breast cancer survivors as a use case.

Drs. Sun and Zhang will serve as Principal Investigators for the four-year project alongside Ying Cui, PhD, an assistant professor in the Department of Industrial Engineering and Operational Research at UC Berkeley.

The primary goal of this project is to address the persistent issue of data imbalance, where some groups of data make up a much larger proportion of a dataset than others. This imbalance can cause issues when researchers analyze or train machine learning models with multimodal data including texts, imaging and structured EHR data. The AI-driven framework Drs. Sun, Zhang, and Cui are developing aims to resolve this issue in biomedical data.

Learn more about Drs. Sun and Zhang’s work in our Innovative Methods & Data Science Program.