PBRN Staff Attend 2023 Annual NAPCRG PBRN conference

The Practice-Based Research Network (PBRN) staff recently attended the 2023 Annual NAPCRG PBRN conference in Bethesda, MD. They enjoyed talking to other networks and learning more about the field of PBRN work. Representatives from networks across the United States and Canada attended to present their work and share learnings with each other. 

The University of Minnesota PBRN model is built on best practices from these other sites and from guidance from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), including being patient and community-centered, allowing clinicians and clinics to opt-in to participate, and building strong relationships with clinics and communities. UMN’s two-pronged approach: 1) building research capacity and curiosity and 2) communication of research opportunities and recruitment, is also informed by the experience of these other networks. The UMN team looks forward to continuing to contribute to and grow the PBRN field.

Many of the PBRNs in the AHRQ registry were represented at the conference. When the AHRQ registry is updated in 2024 they will add our Primary Care / Family Medicine PBRN to the map.