Members of the CLHSS RapidEval Unit are going to present abstracts at the 15th Annual Conference on the Science of Dissemination and Implementation in Health this December.

The conference is part of a series co-hosted by AcademyHealth and the National Institutes of Health. These events involve a collection of plenaries, workshops, and breakout sessions on implementing and evaluating strategies for integrating evidence-based practices into health care. This year, the conference will be hosted from December 11–14 in Washington DC with the theme “(Re)Building Better Systems: Being Proactive, Nimble, and Responsive.”

Maya Peters, Mike Usher, and Debbie Pestka will be attending and presenting two abstracts. One describes how the CLHSS RapidEval Unit was created and how it operates, evaluating what resources the RapidEval Unit needs and its effectiveness. The other summarizes research the RapidEval Unit did on a clinical decision support (CDS) tool for deciding when to use telemetry, or continuous cardiac monitoring. The team who worked on this research found that their CDS tool was effective at reducing the overuse of telemetry and better following American Heart Association guidelines.