A new scoping review, "Re-Aiming Equity Evaluation in Clinical Decision Support: A Scoping Review of Equity Assessments in Surgical Decision Support Systems" in the journal Annals of Surgeryexamines the frequency and rigor of clinical decision support (CDS) equity assessments in the surgical literature. The authors, including Christopher Tignanelli (scientific director for CLHSS’s program for clinical AI); Genevieve Melton-Meaux (director for CLHSS); Nicholas Ingraham (Department of Medicine); Emma Jones, Samantha King, and James Dries (Department of Surgery) found a dearth of surgical CDS system evaluations (5/84, 6%) reporting equity analyses. They provide recommendations to improve CDS equity by appending existing frameworks, potentially a revised RE-AIM framework – with an added Equity element: RE²-AIM – to guide evaluations.