Linda Zittleman, MSPH, is the interim director of the High Plains Research Network (HPRN) and will present her iMpact seminar “Notes from the Field - the HPRN Practice-Based Research Network” on October 6th.

Ms. Zittleman will continue CLHSS’s tradition of inviting prestigious speakers to spotlight learning health system (LHS) research. Having been involved in over 30 research publications, she is a senior instructor at the University of Colorado School of Medicine and director of IT MATTRS—a program seeking to change the conversation around opioids and provide primary care teams with resources for treating opioid dependence and use disorder.

Her presentation will discuss the network’s history, structure, and impact on the region of rural eastern Colorado over its 25 years of operation. The HPRN is a practice-based research network of hospitals and primary care clinics that seeks to innovate primary care in their area through community driven research and implementation. 

Colorado is also home to a larger collection of practice-based research networks called SNOCAP—State Networks of Ambulatory Practices and Partners—of which the HPRN is a member. Research networks in SNOCAP are able to share communication, staff, resources, and research projects across their coverage area. Notably, the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health in partnership with the Center for Learning Health System Sciences (CLHSS) is looking to SNOCAP as a guiding model for establishing a similar collection of networks in Minnesota.

CLHSS’s iMpact seminars are a series of online presentations hosted on the first Tuesday of each month from 12–1 pm CST. Each seminar features a guest speaker who discusses the impact that their organization’s ideas and practices have had on learning health systems. Register to attend the live webinar: For an up-to-date list of CLHSS news & events, please visit