Clinical Repository

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In 2003, we initiated the development of a Neuromuscular Genetic Database and DNA/Tissue/Cell Culture Bank to serve as a repository for new and previously collected data, tissue and DNA for use in research studies both within, as well as outside the University of Minnesota.


The clinical repository has specimens available from most condition cover by the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) and include but are not limited to Dystrophinopahties, Myotonic (DM), Facioscapulohumeral (FSHD), limb-girdle, congenital, oculopharyngeal, and Emery-Dreifuss muscular dystrophies.


For patients either undergoing a muscular biopsy, interested in having skin biopsy or have had a muscle biopsy in the past, remaining tissue can help aid in muscular dystrophy research. If you are having a muscle biopsy it can be done at the University, where we have the ability to store the muscle for future studies and to culture muscle cells so that we have a long-lasting supply of living cells. Also, if you are under going any type of corrective surgery that involves muscle, and would be willing to have a piece used for research, please contact the MD Center ahead of time to arrange for this to occur.

Core Faculty
Peter I. Karachunski, MD
Contact Information:
Hope Amundson