ALS Clinic

The University of Minnesota ALS Certified Treatment Center of Excellence provides comprehensive management for people living with ALS, and has the ALS Association's highest level of certification. The clinic meets weekly and is staffed by two board-certified Neuromuscular Medicine neurologists as well as a nurse, physical therapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist, dietician, genetic counselor, research coordinator, social worker, and ALS Association representative. Pulmonary function studies are performed in a full-service pulmonary lab by respiratory therapists experienced in ALS evaluation and management. A neuromuscular pulmonologist attends our clinics regularly and highly skilled counselors support our patients as well. All staff have extensive experience in providing care to people living with ALS. Our focus is on providing the most comprehensive possible care from a team of highly experienced ALS experts, in combination with a very active ALS clinical and translational research program. Our faculty have led and participated in numerous ALS and PLS research programs, with several studies ongoing and active collaboration with other ALS specialists nationally and regionally.

Team Members:

  • Neurology: David Walk, MD, Georgios Manousakis MD, FAAN

Appointments: 612-626-6688

Referral fax number: 612-676-5058