Leadership & Staff

The MD Center is comprised of over 53 faculty members from various departments, schools, centers and clinics at the University of Minnesota and MHealth. These faculty members, their labs, students, and staff are lead by the MD Center Director, Dr. Peter Kang. Under his leadership, Dr. James Ervasti runs the research initiatives and Dr. Peter Karachunski serves as director of adult and pediatric clinical care.

MD Center Leadership

MD Center Director | Peter B. Kang, MD, FAAN

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MD Center Research Director | James Ervasti, Ph.D.

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MD Center Clinical Director | Peter I. Karachunski, MD

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MD Center Administrative Director | Jennifer Myhre

Physical Therapist | Molly Stark

Research Coordinator | Andrew Thesing

Research Coordinator | Allison Johnston

Research Coordinator | John Martone

Research Coordinator | Ellen Poppy

Research Coordinator | Erin Aguero

Research Manager | Sarah Hilbert

Genetic Research Coordinator | Seth Stafki

Administrative Specialist | Samantha Cozine

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