Stem Cell Institue membership

Become a member

University of Minnesota faculty are invited to apply to become members of the Stem Cell Institute. As a Stem Cell Institute member you will be eligible to:

  1. Use shared resources
  2. Obtain Stem Cell Institute funds for stem cell-related research, if such funding becomes available.

Membership description

Applicants must have faculty rank at the University of Minnesota (assistant professor or above on the tenure or non-tenure track) and have published peer-reviewed stem cell-related research. This includes developmental biology, functional genomics, proteomics or pharmacogenomics, genetics, molecular and biochemical aspects of signaling, cell biology, cell physiology, and immunology of stem cells and transplantation. Investigators should have been awarded peer-reviewed grant support.

Responsibilities of membership

  1. Work with other members of the Stem Cell Institute to develop and participate in research and education. 
  2. Acknowledge Stem Cell Institute membership in stem cell-related publications and presentations. 
  3. Participate in Stem Cell Institute seminars, data conferences and journal clubs. 
  4. Participate in fundraising activities.

Application procedure

Individuals applying for membership should submit a current CV, pdf of a published article on stem cell research, and a cover letter to The cover letter should include:

  • why the investigator wants to join the Stem Cell Institute
  • what expertise and research interests he/she brings, and
  • an idea of the collaboration or research in which he/she would like to engage.

The letter should be addressed to the Stem Cell Institute Faculty.

Please include “Membership Request” in the subject line of the email. 

Application next steps

  • Applicants will be asked to present a seminar to introduce their current research projects to the SCI faculty, staff, and students.  
  • Applications will then receive a formal vote, and the applicant will be informed by letter of the outcome.