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Stemcell facilities

Stem Cell Core

Core facility for stem cells, reprogramming and translation
2-220 MTRF
2001 6th Street SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455
Email: dutto015@umn.edu

The Stem Cell Core supports stem cell and reprogramming projects around the University.  It provides resources, expertise, training, reagents, cell lines, assistance with differentiation protocols and other aspects of stem cell technologies and assists with potential translation. UMN research groups can request services by completing the form here.

Laboratory for Stem Cell Automation

Laboratory for Stem Cell Automation

State-of-the-art facility for automating stem cell culture and technologies - now open for external customers
4-446 MTRF
2001 6th Street SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455
email: dutto015@umn.edu

The Laboratory for Stem Cell Automation at the UMN Stem Cell Institute houses two TECAN Fluent 480 workstations and has been available to assist UMN researchers integrating automation into their stem cell-related projects.  This facility is now also available for hire by external customers.  For more details of the robotic workstations and how to make request for use, expand the heading below.

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More about Laboratory for Stem Cell Automation

The UMN Laboratory for Stem Cell Automation houses 2 TECAN Fluent 780 workstations in a dedicated laboratory space in the McGuire Translational Research Facility. The workstations are designed to conduct end-to-end automation of stem cell derivation, culture, differentiation and characterization workflows. The workstations are available to develop and test proof of concept demonstrations of automated protocols for UMN researchers and external customers.

For details please contact:
James Dutton PhD,  Director of Stem Cell Innovation Facilities - dutto015@umn.edu

Automation Lab
Automation Lab

Tecan Fluent 780 automated cell culture workstations integrated with the following components:

  • Tecan 8-channel air displacement liquid handling arm (air LiHa)
  • Tecan MultiChannel Arm (MCA 96/384) with an Extended Volume Adapter (EVA) plate for simultaneous pipetting of liquids
  • Tecan Extended Robotic Manipulator Arm (RoMa) with eccentric and tube fingers to transfer plates and other labware on the worktable and peripheral devices
  • Tecan Tilt Carrier for positioning of plates
  • Biotek Cytation 1 for automated microscopy with Gen5 software for image data analysis
  • Liconic STX44-IC automated incubator
  • Rotanta 460 Robotic centrifuge
  • Big Neat laminar flow HEPA hood
  • 2  Torrey Pines RIC20 remote controlled chilling/heating dry baths
SCI Innovation Space

Stem Cell Institute Innovation Space

Stem Cell Institute-Industry Partnerships
MTRF Building
2001 6th Street SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455
Email: dutto015@umn.eduStem

Fully equipped BSL-2 laboratory space available for support of early stage businesses and expanding commercial enterprises of established companies using stem cell technologies

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More about Stem Cell Institute Innovation Space

The University of Minnesota Stem Institute Innovation Space has ~625 square feet of fully equipped Biosafety Level 2 laboratory space available to support early stage businesses requiring specialized cell culture equipment and associated infrastructure. The laboratory is located in the McGuire Translational Research Building (MTRF) building that houses the UMN Stem Cell Institute. The laboratory spaces include bench areas and laboratory equipment providing a "turn key" facility for emerging and expanding businesses in this sector.

SCI Business Incubator Space


For details please contact:  
James Dutton, PhD., Director of Stem Cell Innovation Facilities -  dutto015@umn.edu

Current clients of the UMN Stem Cell Business Incubator
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