Master of Science in Stem Cell Biology

Molecular, cellular, and developmental biology are the foundations of the program.  Students complete 30 credits of graduate level courses.  After completing required course credits, students choose the remaining credits from a wide range of elective courses to fulfill the degree program.

Students have the opportunity to study at an interdisciplinary program situated in a major research university at the Stem Cell Institute featuring a large, interdisciplinary, world-renowned faculty. The University of Minnesota has a long-standing commitment to discovery in the field of biology and research. 

This program is an excellent preparation for work in academic and bioscience industry settings.

Students will be provided with:

  • An excellent educational and research experience.
  • An opportunity to interact with faculty on a broad range of cutting-edge research topics in Stem Cell Biology.
  • Hands-on training to learn techniques for conducting research in the lab of a Stem Cell Biology program faculty member.
  • Exposure to the national and international stem cell biology research community through seminars and symposia.