SCI Predoctoral Infuse Awards

The Stem Cell Institute has created a new Predoctoral Award Program. Thirteen awards have been granted on a competitive basis to PhD students in any graduate program who are working in SCI faculty labs. The main goal of the award program is to build a community of graduate students who are interested in stem cell biology and the potential of stem cells for future regenerative therapeutics. The program is intended to infuse new creative insight and intellectual energy into doctoral research projects while also providing advanced professional training. Watch this site for details about the awards granted.

Benefits of the Award:

  • A 2-year program designed by the awardees with guidance from Professor Jop van Berlo. Possible program events are listed below.
  • $5,000 for computer purchase and conference attendance
  • $5,000 bench fee for students to design and perform their own experiment(s)

 Expectations of the Award:

  • Commitment for 2 years
  • Active participation in program events
  • Quarterly seminar by awardees with advisor participation to provide broader perspective

Proposed program events:

  • Bimonthly lunch to discuss research-related topics
  • Introduction in translation/commercialization
    • Tour Molecular and Cellular Therapeutics
    • Interact with expert on preclinical work
    • Understand IND applications
  • Outreach
  • Workshops on
    • Stem Cell Culture
    • Genome Engineering
    • Organoid/Artificial Tissue Culture