Providing a unique Masters program in Stem Cell Biology and pre-doctoral trainee support

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Performing collaborative research in stem cell biology, developmental biology, cell and tissue engineering with a view towards therapeutic potential

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Promise of Stem Cells

Offering resources to patients and community stakeholders about stem cell biology and regenerative medicine

Brenda Ogle

Director Brenda Ogle, PhD

For twenty years, we have brought together talent and expertise from across the University of Minnesota to use stem cell biology to advance regenerative medicine therapies for devastating disorders and to provide education and training for the stem cell scientists of tomorrow.

The Wolpert Medal "is presented to an individual who has made extraordinary contributions to the teaching and communication of Developmental Biology".

SCI faculty member Beau Webber recently received a CURE Childhood Cancer grant award to test genetically engineered gamma delta T-cells against solid tumors, like osteosarcoma, a malignant childhood bone cancer.


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