The RapidEval Unit opens a Call for Proposals (CFP) for innovative ideas to improve healthcare practice twice a year. Investigators who are accepted into the research program receive mentorship from experts on research design, project management, implementation, and dissemination support. 

Proposed research should focus on healthcare practices that directly impact patient care. Specific areas of research interest this Fall include projects focused on health equity, primary care, disease prevention, and optimal management of chronic disease. If applicable, research may be implemented through the M Health Fairview Primary Care Service Line (PCSL) Practice Based Research Network (PBRN). Research best suited for the program encourages known best practices and can be implemented in two to three months.

To apply, investigators are asked to describe a current problem with healthcare delivery, then propose an intervention and explain the desired outcome it would have. Applications should be submitted by Friday November 4th at 5 pm CST. The RapidEval Unit will review proposals and announce those selected by mid-December.

To learn more and submit your idea for research, please visit