Mission Statement

The University of Minnesota, Interprofessional Continuing Education organization is a Joint Accredited Provider of quality continuing education. Through our courses and services, we aim to support the continuing professional development of the interprofessional healthcare team so they can learn from, with, and about each other to improve patient outcomes and team performance.


To advance patient-driven, team developed, learner-focused interprofessional education to a broad range of healthcare professionals. Embedded in the strong tradition of Minnesota healthcare innovation, we align Interprofessional Continuing Education (IPCE) with identified public health priorities and design relevant content that is informed by evidence-based practice and research to improve individual health and well-being.


Educate the healthcare team to improve patient care.


Innovative Approach for Continuing Education and Professional Development

We implement an innovative model of IPCE that encompasses personal and professional development needs and creates capacity for delivery of effective, holistic care for individuals and populations.

Collaborative Model

As a team, we model interprofessional teamwork in the manner in which we create, facilitate, and develop interprofessional education.  We provide a seamless and efficient team-based planning and evaluation process for developing and delivering educational programs designed to improve the quality of healthcare. 

Improved Outcomes for Public Health and Common Good

Our overall goal is to champion improved patient outcomes.  We identify and address public health needs and healthcare disparities. We accomplish this by establishing a strong link of IP educational initiatives designed to increase knowledge, enhance performance, and improve patient outcomes.

Evidence-based Research

We are driven to discover and improve practice by using evidence-based research in the context of an academic institution that promotes rigorous faculty scholarship and investigation.  We build on the strengths of the University of Minnesota Academic Health Center and other health-care related colleges and schools to build capacity, improve the quality of teaching, and enhance our ability to measure the impact of these efforts.