Operating Principles

We consistently apply the following key principles to our work as we certify educational activities for continuing education credit:

We promote interprofessional education

We encourage interdisciplinary planning teams collaboratively designing and developing content for members of the healthcare team with a focus on the patient and their families.

We offer a streamlined process for obtaining multiple types of credit

This translates into a one-stop shop for various credit applications. We are experienced with complexities of many credit requirements. We serve as the broker and central hub to coordinate a compliant, smooth application process on behalf of our clients.

We de-mystify the process of certifying education

Our overarching goal is to effectively apply adult learning principles, select appropriate instructional methods, conduct business in a fiscally-responsible and transparent manner, and implement meaningful evaluation measures.

We add value throughout the planning process

We implement best practices and tools to leverage our expertise in educational planning, instructional design, and outcomes measurement. We strive to raise the bar on the quality of the education, clarity of the objectives, level of interactivity, and the ability to measure the impact.

We value long-standing relationships with our educational partners

We apply an effective approach consisting of principled project management, clear communications, tools and templates, and a continuous quality improvement (CQI) methodology.