Claiming Credit

Credit Policy

Attendees will need to verify their participation in a CE course and complete a course evaluation in order to obtain a Certificate of Participation. Attendees will receive specific instructions outlining these requirements with deadlines to complete these tasks. 

Attendance and CE credits will not be recorded, and Certificates of Participation will not be issued, past one year after the last day of the activity.

Specific instructions and requirements will be provided to the attendees for every course, along with deadlines by when certain tasks need to be completed. 

Generally, the process consists of two steps:

  1. Verify your attendance 

  2. Complete the course evaluation and claim credit

Upon completion of all required steps, you may access your Certificate of Participation or Transcript through My CE in your CE Portal account and receive a copy by email - see also Transcript and CertificateNOTE: If you are a pharmacist or pharmacy technician, your official record is available through the NABP site. 

For more information, please review the sections below.

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Claiming Credit for Live Courses and Webinars

1. Verify your attendance: This may include texting with your mobile phone, scanning a QR code with the CloudCME® mobile app, checking in via a webinar platform, or similar. Specific instructions and requirements will be provided to all attendees for every course, along with deadlines by when certain tasks need to be completed.  

2. Complete the course evaluation and claim credit: If you received instructions to complete a course evaluation through the CE Portal, login at the top left of that page, go to My CE, select Evaluations and Certificates, and click on the button Complete Evaluation

You will have two weeks from the last day of the course to complete the evaluation. 

Once you have completed the evaluation, you will receive your Certificate of Participation by email. A copy will also be available under My CE of your CE Portal account. See also Transcript and Certificate.

NOTE: Some boards require OCPD to submit participant data. These reports are time-sensitive and submission deadlines are determined by the board(s). In these instances, OCPD is unable to submit participant data after the board’s deadline; therefore, it is important that you review the instructions you receive and complete your tasks by the dates noted. Late submissions cannot be accepted in these cases.

Claiming Credit for Self-Paced Online Courses

Requirements vary by course; view the individual course page for specific instructions. All self-paced online courses require that you complete an assessment and meet the established passing threshold, complete a course evaluation (survey), and then you will be able to login to your CE Portal account and access your Certificate of Participation and/or Transcript under My CE. See also Transcript and Certificate.

Claiming Credit for Grand Rounds (RSS)

If you attend RSS activities, you must have a CE Portal Account . Be sure to include your cell phone number in your profile to allow you to text in your attendance. For detailed instructions, refer to our step-by-step guide.

Important Information Regarding American Board of Surgery (ABS) Continuing Certification (CC)

Effective July 1, 2023, the American Board of Surgery (ABS) discontinued the self-reporting of CME credits to ABS and implemented a process by which accredited providers report on behalf of the learners. 

As the accredited provider, the Office of Continuing Professional Development will work with the Course Directors and Planning Committee Members to determine if the course should be designated for ABS Continuous Certification Accredited CME and/or Self-Assessment. The course webpage and other marketing materials will include the required ABS recognition statement indicating this credit availability. Additionally, course materials will include this recognition statement along with special instructions for ABS Diplomates regarding their requirements for successful course completion that will allow OCPD to submit completion data to ACCME/ABS on their behalf. This will include that your CE Portal profile includes your date of birth, ABS Diplomate ID, and permission to report your completion data, as well as your completion of an attestation and/or self-assessment.

Any OCPD course that does not include the ABS recognition statement for Continuous Certification (CC) Accredited CME and/or Self-Assessment does not offer this type of credit and learner completion data will not be uploaded to ABS.

Note, OCPD implemented this process on July 1, 2023 and will not retroactively report completion data for courses that occurred before this date.