Request for Course Certification

Steps to begin the course certification process

  1. Review CE Course Considerations

  2. Review Service Levels

  3. Submit the online Request for Course Certification. The request form asks for details about the course including:

  • What is the topic or title of this course?
  • How did this course come about? What is the purpose of this course?
  • Who is this course planned for? (Who is the target audience?)
  • What type of CE credit(s) should be offered to attendees and why?
  • How many credits are anticipated?
  • Who is or will be involved in the planning of this course?
  • How is this course funded?
  • How many learners are anticipated?
  • Is the content related to products or business lines of an ACCME-defined ineligible company?
  • What is the planning status? (i.e. Location and date secured, agenda drafted/finalized, etc.)

If your course has already been fully developed, and/or promotional information has already been distributed, the course is likely not eligible for certification by OCPD. OCPD will be integrally involved in the design and/or review, including any necessary modifications to existing content, of all educational courses that it certifies for CE credit. An OCPD Educational Team will work with you to ensure compliance and a successful learner experience.

Note: Courses planned by an organization that is external to the University of Minnesota that intend to submit grant applications for educational support funds are not eligible for certification through OCPD.

Once a Request for Course Certification has been submitted, it will be reviewed by our CE Leadership Team and a member of our office will reach out to you to discuss next steps.


OCPD has a diverse portfolio of certified course spanning each calendar year. Contacting us less than 6 months prior to the date of your activity puts extra constraints on our, and your, ability to effectively support a compliant and successful course. OCPD cannot guarantee the ability to accommodate your course if you reach out to us without adequate time for planning.

If your course is less than 6 months away, OCPD may still be able to work with you but don’t delay in completing the Request for Course Certification.

Service Fees

OCPD does not provide detailed course-specific quotes for services until a course has been reviewed and approved by our Leadership Team. Fee estimates for OCPD services are available on our Service Levels and Fees page. Note that OCPD fee rates are reviewed annually and are subject to change.