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Need additional assistance? Contact or call 612-626-7600 or 1-800-776-8636.

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How do I login to the CE Portal?

CE Portal is NOT connected to other University of Minnesota or M Health Fairview systems. You will need to create an account for this CE Portal. 

New user? Create your CE Portal account and complete all required profile information. 

Returning user? Sign in at the top left of the CE Portal. Enter the email address with which you created your account for this CE Portal.

Email not found or recognized

Try a different email address with which you may have created your account for this CE Portal. If that does not work, please create an account.

Password is not working, Forgot Password

Go to Sign In at the top left of the CE PortalClick Forgot Your Password and enter the email address with which you created your account for this CE Portal. You will receive an email with a link to reset your password. If you do not receive the email within a few minutes, check your Spam folder.

Locked out of the CE Portal

After a certain number of failed login attempts, your account will be locked. Please email or call 612-626-7600 or 1-800-776-8636 - you must provide us with your name and the email address with which you created your account. Once we have unlocked your account, we will notify you by email. 


How do I update my account information or change my password?

Sign in at the top left of the CE Portal. Once you are logged in, click on My CE and select Profile. You can change your contact information and other details, and reset your password.

Not receiving Emails

Check the Spam or Promotions folder in your email program.

Where do I find upcoming Regularly Scheduled Series? (Grand Rounds, M&Ms, and Journal Clubs, etc.)

At the top of the CE Portal, click the Calendar link, check the box Include RSS, and Apply Filters to view upcoming regularly scheduled meetings that are accredited by OCPD. 

Note that these meetings are limited to individuals from the University of Minnesota, M Health Fairview and affiliates, unless otherwise noted. Some departments opt to publish their RSS information on their own and they will not appear on OCPD's calendar.

How do I text my attendance?

If you have been instructed to text your attendance, follow the steps below.

Step 1: You must have a CE Portal Account and enter your mobile phone number. Sign In at the top left of the CE Portal or create an account. NOTE: The CE Portal is NOT connected to other University of Minnesota or M Health Fairview systems.

Step 2 (one-time only): Pair your mobile number to your Portal account: Text your email address with which you created your CE Portal account to (833) 616-1157. You will receive a text notification indicating your phone number has now been updated - this means that your CE Portal account is now paired to your mobile number.

Step 3: Obtain the activity code - this will be provided at the course or in course materials. 

Step 4: Text the activity code to (833) 616-1157.

Common Text Messages Received: 

Service Access Denied: This message indicates that your phone is blocking "short code" text messages. This is often seen with individuals who use T-Mobile as their phone carrier.  To resolve the issue, contact your mobile phone carrier and ask them to activate short code text messaging.

User not found in system, text your email to update your cell phone number in the system: This message indicates that you do not have an existing account, you have not yet paired your phone to your CE Portal account, or the email address used to pair your phone is not the email address listed in your CE portal account. Login to your CE Portal account and verify that the email address was typed correctly and if so, try texting to a different email address you may have - see also Email not found or recognized section above.

Thank you [your name], your phone number has been updated to: [your mobile number]: You can now use text messaging to record your attendance and claim credit.

Thank you [your name], we have recorded your attendance for [activity name]: Your attendance has been recorded. Unless you were given additional instructions at the course, the credits you claimed have also been recorded. 

Sorry [your name], your attendance for [activity name] could not be recorded – you can only record XX minutes prior to, during or XX minutes after the activity has completed: This message is received if you text the activity code too early or too late. Texts can only be received by the system during the allowed time period announced at the course. 

Sorry, that activity ID does not exist: This message is received if an incorrect activity code is texted. Contact the course coordinator or OCPD for assistance.

How do I download and login to the CloudCME® Mobile App?

  1. Go to the Apple (iPhones) or Google Play (Android phones) store and search for cloudcme

  2. Install and open the app.

  3. Enter the organization code umncpd when prompted. The app will save this code for you so that you will not have to re-enter it every time you open the app.

  4. Click Login or Create Account (if you forgot your login, you will have the chance to reset your password after clicking that button). The app will save your user account so that you are already logged in every time you open the app.