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For a full list of resident teaching faculty at the Department of Orthopedic Surgery, please view this link

Additional Faculty Appointments

Additional faculty appointments with the Department of Orthopedic Surgery can be viewed at this link



Will Freking, MD
Erik Fritz, MD
Caroline Hu, MD
Katherine Krenek, MD
Jaren LaGreca, MD
Micheala McCarthy, MD
Gurmit Singh, MD
Jeffrey Theismann, MD


Brandon Kelly, MD
David Matson, MD
Kyle Morgenstern, MD
Kelsey Overman (Wise), MD
William Cody Sessions, MD
Breana Siljander, MD
Ryan Todhunter, MD
Tyler Williamson, MD


Scott Allen, MD
Michael Baer, MD
Michael Chau, MD
Kevin Hayek, MD
Mikhail Klimstra, MD
Jose San Miguel, MD
Lauren Smith, MD
Michael Stojanovic, MD


Etasha Bhatt, MD 
Eileen Eggenberger, MD 
Samuel Russ, MD 
Andrew Schmiesing, MD 
Yushane (Celestine) Shih, MD 
Benjamin Williams, MD 
Lauren Zurek, MD 


Robert Brenner, MD
Ryan Hoel, MD
Nicholas Lesmeister, MD
Marcus Mittelsteadt, MD
TJ Ridley, MD
Eric Rohman, MD
Lauren Tatman, MD
Geneva Tranchida, MD


Matthew Herring, MD
Angela Honstad, MD
Michael Knudsen, MD
Benjamin Sandberg, MD
Gregory Scallon, MD
Joseph Schirmers, MD
Bryan Trumm, MD
Mitchell Wyffels, MD


Nicholas Beck, MD
John Breen, MD
Tyler Dahl, MD
Aaron Karlen, MD
Jessica Shin, MD
Andrew Toftoy, MD
Sara Van Nortwick, MD


Kristyn Darmafall, MD
Kelsey Davidson, MD
Patrick Horrigan, MD
Edward Mairura, MD
Chad Myeroff, MD
Erica Gauger (Petersen), MD
Emily Ren, MD
Jacob Ziegler, MD


Nicholas Antell, MD
Kyle Bohm, MD
Jonathan Herseth, MD
Gregory Hildebrand, MD
John Kampa, MD
David Ou-Yang, MD
Jennifer Wozniczka, MD


Kamaldeen Aderibigbe, MD
Benjamin Coobs, MD
Erich Gauger, MD
Chad Griffith, MD
Der-Chen Tim Huang, MD
Erik Peterson, MD
Tiare Salassa, MD
John Wechter, MD


Anthony Anderson, MD
Emily Andrisevic, MD
Ryan Bennett, MD
Jess Brehmer, MD
Paul Cagle, MD
Jessica Downes, MD
David Nordin, MD


Brain Bjerke, MD
Charles David Hightower, MD
Jason Holm, MD
Ryan Horazdovsky, MD
Amy Moeller, MD
Nickolas Reimer, MD
Rudy Rodriguez, MD
Peter Sanders, MD 


Jacqueline Geissler, MD
Todd Johnson, MD
Bradley Kuzel, MD
Nancy Luger, MD
Benjamin Mueller, MD, PhD
Patrick O’Donnell, MD, PhD
Katharine Pico, MD
Michal Zlowodzki, MD 


Jeremy Gardner, MD
David Hamming, MD
Michael Johnson, MD
Gaurav Khanna, MD
Elspeth Kinnucan, MD
Jeffrey Macalena, MD
Daniel Marek, MD
Walter Truong, MD


Jesse Botker, MD
Woodie Cross, MD
Colleen Glisson, MD
Jason Glynn, MD
Alicia Harrison, MD
Kris Kimber, MD
Steven Schechinger, MD


Jason Caron, MD
Amy Lelwica, MD
Clifford Novak, MD
David Strothman, MD
Nicholas Wills, MD


Richard Burg, MD
Thomas Dudley, MD
Justin Esterberg, MD
Christie Heikes, MD
Todd Jackman, MD
Colleen Linehan, MD 


Andrew Arthur, MD
Gabriel Dersam, MD
Patricia Kallemeier, MD
Patrick Morgan, MD
Eric R. Nelson, MD
Benjamin Robertson, MD
Eric Stroemer, MD


Yvonne Grierson, MD
Michael Hebert, MD
Ken Kleist, MD 
Thuan Ly, MD
David Watts, MD
Daren Wickum, MD

Please contact us if you wish to see a list of alumni prior to the class of 2005.

Where Do Our Residents Go?

Many of our residents match into competitive fellowship programs across the globe, embark on a career in military orthopedics, or go into private practice. Here’s where our residents have gone since 2019:

  • 22% Sports Medicine Fellowship
  • 20% Hand Surgery Fellowship
  • 15% Adult Reconstruction Fellowship
  • 9% Spine Fellowship
  • 7% Pediatric Orthopedic Fellowship
  • 7% General Practice
  • 5% Trauma Fellowship
  • 5% Foot/Ankle Fellowship
  • 4% Shoulder/Elbow Fellowship
  • 4% Hip/Knee Arthroplasty Fellowship
  • 2% Tumor/Oncology Fellowship