Our Research Team

Our research team supports faculty, residents, and researchers in the research process from start to finish. Our team possesses in-depth knowledge about grant submission, obtaining funding, and developing a research strategy.

Joan Bechtold, PhD

Joan Bechtold, PhD
Vice Chair of Research

Joan Bechtold, PhD, has a background in biomechanics and has served as the director of orthopedics research at the Excelen Center for Bone and Joint Research and Education since 1984. Her work has received continuous funding from the National Institutes of Health since 1996, and she has an extensive background in mechanical and biomedical engineering. Within the department, Dr. Bechtold determines research strategy and direction and oversees resident research in collaboration with the education team. She develops the overall research funding strategy and can assist with hands-on grant development and review.

Dr. Bechtold can be emailed at: bechtold@umn.edu

Elizabeth Bradley, PhD

Elizabeth Bradley, PhD
Research Scientist

Elizabeth Bradley, PhD, studies diseases of the musculoskeletal system and how associated tissues such as bone and cartilage are generated. Dr. Bradley's laboratory is located in the Stem Cell Institute where she employs genetics and cellular and molecular biology to her work, which was recently awarded an RO1 grant. She ultimately aims to halt bone and tissue degeneration and develop novel techniques to regenerate skeletal tissues.

Dr. Bradley can be emailed at: ebradle1@umn.edu

Anne Hopper, MPH

Anne Hopper, MPH
Research Manager

Within the department, Anne is responsible for executing research strategy, overseeing grant submissions, and ensuring departmental research compliance. She can help you:

  • Outline and execute a research strategy
  • Develop a study budget and negotiate contracts
  • Write study protocols
  • Collaborate across sites
  • Identify and obtain funding

Anne can be reached via email or phone: hoppe147@umn.edu or 612-273-4695


Allison Wolf, MPH

Allison Wolf, MPH
Clinical Research Coordinator

As a clinical research coordinator, Allison partners closely with faculty and residents to support a variety of research subjects. Allison has extensive knowledge of subject coordination, including:

  • Recruitment, consenting, and data collection
  • CRF completion
  • Data query resolution

Allison is also knowledgeable regarding regulatory management and can help you:

  • Prepare and submit IRB documents
  • Create consent and HIPAA forms
  • Maintain study regulatory files
  • Complete other regulatory documents as required by the study

Allison can be reached via email or phone: wolfx494@umn.edu or 612-273-8051

Tanya Doble

Tanya Doble
Grants and Contracts Professional

Tanya has expertise planning and preparing grants and manages the Musculoskeletal Training Program in the department. Tanya can help:

  • Plan and prepare grants
  • Navigate the pre-award process
  • Submit manuscripts
  • Format and complete a biosketch

Tanya can be reached via email or phone: tdoble@umn.edu or 612-273-8052

Paul Lender

Paul Lender
Data/IT Specialist

Paul assists the research team by developing and maintaining databases and extracting data for reports. He can help you with:

  • Data maintenance
  • Statistical and power analysis
  • Graphical display of data
  • Data storage and retrievability

Paul can be reached via email or phone: lender@umn.edu or 612-273-8053