Administrative Office

Jean Kurata
Executive Assistant to Leo T. Furcht, MD, Department Chair
Office: 612-625-0932
Fax: 612-626-2696

Nicole Hilmoe
Department Administrator
Office: 612-626-4834
Fax: 612-626-2696

Hannah Bergquist
Human Resource Specialist
Office: 612-624-7115

Marketing and Communications

William Hoffman
Communications Specialist
Office: 612-624-7116

Administrative Support

Malzona Anderson
Administrative Professional – Center for Immunology
Office: 612-625-0973

Annette Bethke
Executive Assistant – Center for Immunology
Office: 612-626-2403

Mary Ann Davis
Administrative Professional
Office: 612-624-0620

Amy Olson
Administrative Professional
Office: 612-624-8446

Nancy Russell
Administrative Professional
Office: 612-624-8560

Medical School Education

Mary Ramey
Teaching Specialist
Office: 612-625-5421

Andrew Wallschlaeger
Teaching Specialist
Office: 612-625-9912

Residency, Fellowship and Training Verifications

Maggie McGough
GME Coordinator
Office: 612-624-8133

Gail Rosenbaum
GME Administrative Professional
Office: 612-625-7622

Research Administration

Caroline Hallstrom
Space and Research Coordinator
Office: 612-625-0441

Robert Janicek
Business Manager – Advanced Research Diagnostic Laboratory (ARDL)
Office: 612-625-4448

Jennifer Peters
Laboratory Manager - Advanced Research Diagnostic Laboratory (ARDL)
Office: 612-625-3631

Bobbie Daughters
Anatomic Pathology Research Coordinator
Office: 612-626-7645

M Physicians Outreach Laboratory

Janet Fennert
Business Manager – UMPhysicians Outreach
Office: 612-625-3949