Grand Rounds

Laboratory Medicine and Pathology Grand Rounds are designed to improve the broad practice of laboratory medicine and pathology, including patient care, research, medical education and innovation. Sessions are open to the public and presentations are posted online for review. CME credits are available.

Time & Location

Grand Rounds are held weekly on Wednesdays from 8:00-9:00 a.m. via Zoom.

Fall Semester 2023

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September 13 

Danni Li, PhD 
Associate Professor  
Division of Clinical Chemistry  
Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology  
University of Minnesota Medical School  
Minneapolis, Minnesota 

"A blood-based approach to Alzheimer’s disease:  Think outside the box (brain)"

September 20

Srikar Chamala, PhD 
Director, Center for Pathology Informatics and Data Science 
Associate Professor, Clinical Pathology  
Keck School of Medicine  
University of Southern California 
Los Angeles, California

Faculty Host:  Dr. Pawel Mroz 

"Precision Genomic Medicine – Challenges, Opportunities, and a Roadmap for Effective Delivery" 

September 27

Courtney Thomas, DO 
Assistant Professor  
Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology  
University of Texas Health 
San Antonio, Texas 

"Updates in molecular and pathologic features of hepatocellular carcinoma"


October 4 

Goutam Charkraborty, PhD. 
Assistant Professor 
Department of Urology  
Icahn School of Medicine  
Mount Sinai 
New York, New York

Faculty Host:  Dr. Sidhartha Senn 

“Functional genomics of prostate cancer: Bedside to bench and back” 

October 11

Shihuan Kang, PhD  
Department of Animal Sciences  
Interdisciplinary Life Sciences  
Purdue University  
West Lafayette, Indiana 

Faculty Host:  Dr. Liam Chen  

"Lipid droplet as a key regulator of muscle stem cells and regeneration" 

October 18

Brittney Harrington, BSC, PhD 
Women’s Malignancies Branch  
National Cancer Institute  
Bethesda, Maryland 

Faculty Host:  Dr. Amy Skubitz

"Using translational genomics to target ovarian cancer stem cells" 

October 25

Inga Hofman, MD, PhD 
Medical Director  
Program for Advanced Cell Therapy  
Academic Physician Coach  
University of Wisconsin 
Madison, Wisconsin 

Faculty Host:  Dr. Michael Linden 

"What determines your level of academic and personal success - no matter what stage in your career you are at?"


November 1

Michael Farrar, PhD
Professor and Virginia and David C Utz
Land Grand Chair in Fundamental Biology 
Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology 
University of Minnesota Medical School 
Minneapolis, Minnesota 

Faculty Host:  Dr. Sara Hamilton Hart

"Immune tolerance and leukemia relapse"

November 8

Mahmoud Khalifa, MD, PhD
Donald F. Gleason MD, PhD 
Professorship in Surgical Pathology
Division of Anatomic Pathology 
Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology
University of Minnesota Medical School 
Minneapolis, Minnesota 

"Transgender pathology: Our current state"

1. Understanding language and terminology
2. Explore the range of expected histologic  findings
3. Emphasize impact on future screening
4. Explain laboratory administration and compliance challenges

November 15

Laura Niedernhofer, MD, PhD
Biochemistry Molecular Biology and Biophysics
College of Biological Sciences
University of Minnesota 
Minneapolis, Minnesota 
Faculty Host:  Dr. Sara Hamilton Hart 

"Geroscience approaches to extend healthspan" 


1) Define Geroscience and the impetus behind this novel approach to managing the health of our aging population. 
2) Define cellular senescence and its role as a drug target  
3) Provide information about the resources provided by UMN Institute on the Biology of Aging and Metabolism to support clinical research.


November 22 – No Grand Rounds 

November 29

Marc R. Courturier, PhD
Department of Pathology 
ARUP Laboratories
University of Utah School of Medicine 
Salt Lake City, Utah 
Faculty Host:  Dr. Patricia Ferrieri 

"Digital imaging and machine learning for stool parasite detection"


December 6 

Taylor Brown, MD
Doctoral Candidate 
Medical Science Training Program  
Department of Neuroscience  
Medical School  
University of Minnesota  
Minneapolis, Minnesota  

Faculty Host:  Dr. Liam Chen  

Title:  TBD


December 13 

Forest White, PhD 
Ned C and Janet C (Bemis) Rice Professor 
Biological Engineering  
Massachusetts Institute of Technology – MIT  
Cambridge, Massachusetts 
Faculty Host:  Dr. Kaylee Schwertferger


Winter Break 

2024 Winter Grand Rounds will begin January 10, 2024