The Department provides four years of combined anatomic & clinical and three years of anatomic or clinical pathology only residency training to its physicians-in-training who continually make successful academic progress towards the independent practice of laboratory medicine and pathology. In order to ensure uniform basic training, combined anatomic & clinical and anatomic or clinical pathology only trainees must successfully complete the appropriate core anatomic and/or clinical pathology rotation series to graduate from the Program (see below).  In addition to the rotation requirements, all combined anatomic and clinical and anatomic-only trainees must successfully complete 30 autopsies in accordance with the program's autopsy policies by the time of graduation. Trainees are also required to satisfactorily present a formal 45 minute Departmental Grand Rounds on a current topic of pathology or a research project they completed.

While not mandatory, trainees are highly encouraged to participate in clinical and/or basic pathology related research. Residents, with the assistance of a laboratory medicine and pathology mentor, may apply for Department sponsored funds to help partially cover the cost of their project and travel to present their research at a national meeting.

Combined Anatomic and Clinical Pathology Graduation Requirements (Four-Year Training Program)

24 Months of Anatomic Pathology Core Requirements

  • 1 month of Introduction to Anatomic Pathology
  • 19 months of surgical pathology and autopsy pathology
  • 3 months of cytopathology
  • 1 month of forensic pathology

18 Months of Clinical Pathology Core Requirements

Residents will have CP rotations which expose them to all of the CP disciplines. These rotations will include:

  • 2 months of clinical chemistry
  • 2 months of microbiology
  • 4 months of transfusion medicine and coagulation
  • 5 months of hematology, lymph node and flow cytometry
  • 2 months of cytogenetics and basic molecular pathology
  • 1 month of immunology / HLA
  • 1 month of lab management
  • 1 month of elective time, which must be a CP rotation

6 Months of Flexible Training

  • Up to 6 months of research directed at issues related to laboratory medicine and pathology. Residents must submit a written proposal to the R.A.F.T. Committee regarding the composition of this research for approval. 
  • Advanced elective rotations in anatomic or clinical pathology.
  • Electives can be taken at any point starting in the second year

Anatomic or Clinical Pathology Only (Three-Year Training Program)

Besides offering the occasional opportunity for residents to switch from AP/CP to straight AP or straight CP depending on department approval, the department also offers a straight AP and straight CP track through ERAS. These tracks allow residents to get in-depth training in all areas of their respective track during the first two years, followed by 12 months of elective time. Residents are encouraged to do research during training and may use up to 6 months of the regular residency time entirely for research.


The department organizes three hours of weekly diadactic sessions for residents. This consists of a mixture of unknown cases and more formal didactic presentations. All major topics in pathology are covered every two years. The sessions are presented by faculty and are designed to cover information that will be important for the resident to know at the time of taking boards.  There are many other intra- and inter- departmental diadactic opportunities for residents that are available and may be required depending on the rotation.