Although this month marks 50 years in existence for the Department of Radiation Oncology at the University of Minnesota Medical School, its life pre-dates 1970 when it started as a division within the Department of Radiology in 1925.

“It was in the era where if you wanted to treat patients with radiation, you started out as a radiologist and got ‘on-the-job’ training in a radiology department. There were no boards. Every radiologist knew a little bit about therapeutic radiation, and radiologists could practice as a therapeutic radiologists if they chose to,” said Kathryn Dusenbery, MD, professor and department head since 1999. “As the field became more specialized and ways of measuring and delivering radiation became more sophisticated, it was clear that it should be a stand-alone specialty.”

Continue reading Dr. Dusenbery's recollection of the major milestones from the last 50 years and how this Medical School department continues to study, teach and provide therapeutic solutions for patients with cancer.

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