SCI faculty Walter Low (Neurosurgery) and Susan Keirstead (Integrative Biology and Physiology) collaborated with colleagues Theoden Netoff (Biomedical Engineering) and Jian-Ping Wang (Electrical and Computer Engineering) to evaluate their new magnetic microcoil array designed to precisely stimulate individual neurons.  Their research was published in the Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B in April, 2024, and was highlighted by AIP Publishing in this story.

Read the article:  Planar microcoil arrays for in vitro cellular-level micromagnetic activation of neurons. Renata Saha, Onri Jay Benally, Sadegh Faramarzi, Robert P. Bloom, Kai Wu, Denis Tonini, Maple Shiao, Susan A. Keirstead, Walter C. Low, Theoden I. Netoff, and Jian-Ping Wang, Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B, 2024 (DOI: 10.1116/6.0003362).