March 2024 Publications & Media Appearances

See the fascinating research and media interviews that our UMN Neurology faculty have been involved with in the month of March.


Aβ∗56 is a stable oligomer that impairs memory function in mice, Peng Liu, Ian Lapcinski, Chris Hlynialuk, Elizabeth Steuer, Thomas Loude, Samantha Shapiro, Lisa Kemper, Karen Ashe (Italics indicates UMN Neurology researchers)
In: iScience 

Media Appearances


Dongming Cai in CBS Minnesota: “Memory a key issue in 2024 presidential election

Michael Howell on WCCO Radio: “Spring Ahead: Daylight Saving Time can challenge bad sleepers

Michael Howell on KNOW-FM: “Mental Health Minute"


Peter Kang in Muscular Dystrophy News: “LGMD scientific workshop gathers experts to tackle unmet needs"

Peter Kang in PR Newswire: “Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy Scientific Leaders - Together With the FDA - Will Come Together for a Drug Development Workshop on February 8, 2024"