Research Training

Clinical Research Training

  • Each fellow completes a QI/research project during their fellowship (presented to the department at the end of the program).
    • An attending will act as a guide/mentor throughout the process
  • Fellows are trained to the level of Co-Investigators on all of our VN/NCC clinical trials
    • Co-I role leads to credit in peer-reviewed journal articles
    • This can improve fellow success in grant applications and running of clinical trials in the future
  • Fellows play a key role in screening patients and facilitating enrollments
    • 24/7 acute care research coordinator team to support in screening beginning at code activation
    • Additional research coordinators to support in screening for prevention and rehab trials

All Trials

All of our Vascular Neurology, Neurocritical Care, and Neuroendovascular Intervention faculty members are Principal Investigators (PIs) or Site PIs on funded research projects.

Learn more about each faculty member's projects below: