Participate in Research

There are multiple ways to participate in vital research in neurology! 

You can speak directly with your neurologist, use the University's StudyFinder system, follow the links below, or seek out a particular research team.

To read more about our research centers, or to participate in a specific research area, please see the links below.

Research Center Website How to Participate in Research
Udall Center of Excellence for Parkinson's Disease Research Contact us to participate in Parkinson's research
Neuromodulation Research Center Please follow the StudyFinder link above to search for DBS studies and contact information for Parkinson's and Essential Tremor
N. Bud Grossman Center for Memory Research and Care Contact us to participate in Alzheimer's and dementia research
NIH StrokeNet Upper Midwest Regional Coordinating Center See current stroke research studies
Ataxia Center Contact us to participate in ataxia research
Greg Marzolf Jr. Muscular Dystrophy Center See actively enrolling Muscular Dystrophy studies 
Clinical Neuroscience Research Unit Use the StudyFinder link above to search for active studies on and find contact information for additional neuromuscular disorders, sleep disorders, neuro-otological disorders, headache, and more.

Not all of our ongoing studies are done out of our large centers; many of our faculty are working in smaller teams focused on their specific areas of expertise. To learn more about each of the research "labs" in our department, see our Research Labs page.