Frequently Asked Questions

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Message From the Chiefs

Thank you for your interest in the University of Minnesota Neurology Residency Program. Our program has numerous unique offerings - neurology continuity clinic experience beginning in the intern year, protected in-person didactics every Friday afternoon, night float system, and the opportunity to rotate at various clinical sites throughout the Twin Cities region. Our strong clinical training, paired with an emphasis on resident wellness, fosters confident graduates who go on to become leaders within their community and the field of neurology. We are so excited to share our program with you and have put together this Q&A section if you are interested in delving deeper into our program! 

- AY 23/24 Chief Residents 

What is it like living in the Twin Cities for four years?

Minneapolis and St. Paul consistently rank highly on “best places to live” lists. We make the most of the outdoors at all times, even during the coldest parts of winter. We boast one of the largest paved bike trail systems in the country in addition to numerous well-maintained parks and lakes. Minneapolis has the third highest number of Fortune 500 companies per capita, providing a large job market for your non-medical partner. We also have a large food/drink scene with cuisines from all over the world and numerous breweries and local distilleries. The cost of living is comparable to other large Midwest cities, and some of our residents are home-owners. The largest indoor mall in the United States is a mere 20 minute drive or train/bus ride from the University of Minnesota. If you are looking for a short adventure, the Twin Cities also have a large hub airport with hundreds of domestic and international flights daily. 

Are the residents close with each other? 

Our residents bond during Friday School and will often grab dinner or drinks together after didactics. We have planned social events throughout the year, but it is really these day-to-day, genuine friendships that make our work environment so pleasant. 

Can I match into a good fellowship?

Many of our graduates match into their top choices for fellowship. Most of our graduates pursue fellowship with the remainder feeling comfortable enough to begin practice straight out of graduation from our residency program. Our recent graduates have matched into diverse fellowships as well: epilepsy, neurophysiology, neuromuscular, headache, vascular, palliative care, neuro-oncology, neuro-endovascular, movement disorders, and neurointensive care, just to name a few.

What is the intern year experience like?

Our intern year consistently receives high praise from residents and graduates. Interns participate in Friday didactics with the rest of the neurology residents and also have neurology continuity clinic ½ day a week. Our interns are an integral part of the general neurology service and stroke services at the University of Minnesota.