We are fortunate to have Drs. Kelsey Gagesch, Pitcha Chompoopong, Dongming Cai, Michael Cole, Monique Montenegro, and Jo Tang join our department!

Dr. Gagesch is joining our Movement Disorders Division. She completed her neurology residency at the University of Wisconsin and her movement disorders fellowship here at the University of Minnesota. One fun fact about Dr. Gagesch is that she was a part of the medical orchestra at the University of Wisconsin where she played the flute and piccolo.

Dr. Chompoopong is joining the Neuromuscular Division. She completed her neurology residency at Case Western Reserve University and both of her fellowships at Mayo Clinic. She has also attended Chulalongkorn University for her internal medicine residency where she won Resident of the Year Award in 2016. 

Dr. Cai joins is joining us as the Director of the Grossman Center for Memory Care and Research. She was previously the Director of the Neurodegeneration and Translational Medicine Program. Dr. Cai completed her postdoctoral fellowship in neuroscience at The Rockefeller University and her residency in neurology at Yale School of Medicine. Dr. Cai also served as assistant professor for the Department of Neurology at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai where she then later became an associate professor.

Dr. Cole is joining the Pediatric Neurology Division. He completed both his child neurology residency and neuroimmunology fellowship at the University of Iowa. He was also active in quality education and improvement while at the University of Iowa. 

Dr. Montenegro Is joining the General Neurology/Headache Division. She completed both her neurology residency and headache fellowship at Mayo Clinic. One fun fact about Dr. Montenegro is she was originally interested in fashion and attended School of the Art Institute of Chicago before she decided to become a doctor.

Dr. Tang is joining the Neurocritical Care Division. She completed both her residency in neurology and fellowship in neurocritical care at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. Some of her hobbies include indoor horticulture, long-distance cycling, and model making.