September 2022 Publications & Media Appearances

See the fascinating research and media interviews that our UMN Neurology faculty have been involved with in the month of September.


Characterization of caspase-2 inhibitors based on specific sites of caspase-2-mediated proteolysis
Merlin Bresinsky, Jessica M. Strasser, Alexander Hubmann, Bernadette Vallaster, Bill McCue, Jessica L Fuller, Gurpreet Singh, Kathryn Nelson, Matthew E. Cuellar, Barry C Finzel, Karen H. Ashe, Michael A Walters, Steffen Pockes 
In: Archiv der Pharmazie

Controlling pallidal oscillations in real-time in Parkinson's disease using evoked interference deep brain stimulation (eiDBS): Proof of concept in the human
David Escobar Sanabria, Joshua E. Aman, Valentina Zapata Amaya, Luke A. Johnson, Hafsa Farooqi, Jing Wang, Meghan Hill, Remi Patriat, Kelly Sovell-Brown, Gregory F. Molnar, David Darrow, Robert McGovern, Scott E. Cooper, Noam Harel, Colum D. MacKinnon, Michael C. Park, Jerrold L. Vitek
In: Brain Stimulation

High Incidence and Unique Features of Cerebral Venous Sinus Thrombosis in Hospitalized Patients With COVID-19 Infection 
Margy E. McCullough-Hicks, Daniel J. Halterman, David Anderson, Kenneth Cohen and Kamakshi Lakshminarayan
In: Stroke

Pediatric sleep and pain: etiologies, consequences, and clinical considerations
Erin E. Morris, Michael J Howell, Elizabeth Pickup, Conrad Iber, Sonya G. Wang 
In: Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine

Media Appearances

Dr. Miguel Fiol in CBS News: “University of Minnesota doctor provides help to Puerto Rico in wake of Hurricane Fiona

Dr. Michael Howell on Kare 11: "How to beat seasonal affective disorder"