Gerald V. Raymond Lab

The focus of the Raymond Lab is the study of X-linked adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD) and other neurogenetic conditions.

In collaboration with the Inherited Metabolic and Storage Disease Bone Marrow Transplantation Program, the Center for Orphan Drug Research, the Center for Magnetic Resonance Research, and others, the lab is developing new tools to diagnose, manage, and treat all aspects of ALD and improve the lives of affected boys, men, and women with this condition.

The lab is also looking to use these developments for other leukodystrophies and peroxisomal disorders.

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Newborn Screening for ALD and Other Peroxisomal Disorders

Project Description: In collaboration with the Kennedy Krieger Institute (Baltimore) and the New York State Newborn Screening Program, we have been developing a methodology to apply newborn screening technology to detect ALD, provide confirmatory testing, and develop protocols for care of the detected asymptomatic individuals.

Novel Methods of Imaging in ALD

Project Description: In collaboration with the Center for Magnetic Resonance Research we are beginning to develop the ability to evaluate the state of disease in the brain and spinal cord and track therapies including bone marrow transplant. This will have major implications as new methods for correcting the cellular defect of ALD are tested.

Evaluation of Glyceryl Trierucate in ALD

Project Description: Our group has had a long history of the study of Lorenzo's oil. Dr. Raymond holds the IND for the study of this compound. We are presently in conjunction with the Center for Orphan Drug Research (CODR) exploring the effects of Lorenzo's oil in various model systems which offers the potential for the development of alternative and possibly agents with less adverse effects.


Principal Investigator

  • Gerald V. Raymond, MD, Professor, Department of Neurology

Clinical Project Coordinator

  • Maria Johnson, MS, GC

Collaborators at the University of Minnesota

  • Paul Orchard, MD
  • Troy Lund, MD, PhD
  • Jakob Tolar, MD, PhD
  • Weston Miller, MD
  • James Cloyd, PhD
  • Reena Kartha, PhD
  • Lisa Coles, PhD
  • Gulin Oz, PhD
  • Christophe Lenglet, PhD

Collaborators at the Kennedy Krieger Institute

  • Ali Fatemi, MD
  • Steven Steinberg, PhD
  • Ann Moser, BA

Research Positions

Undergraduates, Graduates and Postdocs

  • Volunteers and undergraduate Student positions are usually welcome as long as the two terms are interchangeable, i.e., the student is volunteering to help.