LMP professor Stephen Jameson has been elected president of the American Association of Immunologists (AAI). 

The association writes:  “AAI is pleased to announce Stephen Jameson, Ph.D. (AAI '96), as its 2024–2025 president following his recent election. Dr. Jameson, a distinguished immunologist and esteemed member of the AAI Council, will assume his role as president on July 1, 2024.”

Jameson is AAI’s 108th president.  He is preceded by University Regent’s Professor and Center for Immunology (CFI) director Marc Jenkins (2013-2014) and the distinguished University pathologist, immunologist, and pediatrician Robert Good (1975-76), a pioneer of bone-marrow transplantation.

In 1913, as the University of Minnesota College of Medicine and Surgery was changing its name to the University of Minnesota Medical School, a group of physician-scientists gathered on the Minneapolis campus.  The group looked to advance the science of immunology, which in the previous decades had witnessed remarkable breakthroughs in the understanding of infectious disease, bacterial toxins, antibody activity and theory, blood groups, and cancer.  The AAI was the group's creation. 

Today, AAI has more than 8,000 member scientists in 71 countries.  More than 4,100 attendees and exhibitors attended the AAI annual meeting last year. 

Immunology2024 was held in Chicago, May 3-7.