In an interview at the College of American Pathologists (CAP) annual meeting in Orlando last month published in, incoming CAP president Patrick Godbey sees pathology as being in the driver’s seat of medicine. Lab tests are transforming patient care by providing critical information that helps clinicians recommend the most effective therapeutic interventions, he said.

Presentations by four LMP faculty and a fourth-year LMP resident at the CAP ’19 meeting reflected Godbey’s vision for the field.

  • Michael Linden M.D., Ph.D. spoke on "Flow cytometry based on the revised WHO Classification: Key diagnoses that you never want to miss"
  • Anthony Killeen, M.D., PhD. spoke on "CAP accuracy based programs, harmonization, and proficiency testing"
  • Sophia Yohe, M.D. gave two talks: "Molecular genomic oncology for the practicing pathologist" and "A primer on CAR-T therapy: What does it mean for pathologists?"
  • Nicole Zantek, M.D., Ph.D. spoke on "Why is everything positive?  Panreactivity in blood bank testing Part III: Drug interference."
  • Aastha Chauhan, M.D. (PGY4 Resident) presented a poster entitled "Comparison of new and traditional gastrointestinal markers for differentiating upper versus lower site of origin," representing work performed on rotation at the Minneapolis VA Health Care Center under hematopathologist Hector Mesa Corrales.