Under Dr. Low's leadership, the SCI will evolve into a hub for stem cell information, research collaboration, and education.

We are pleased to announce that, after a rigorous selection process, Dr. Walter Low has assumed the Director of the Stem Cell Institute (SCI) role. His appointment is a testament to his tremendous institutional knowledge and experience, and we are confident in his ability to lead the SCI to new heights. He is a tenured Professor in the Department of Neurosurgery and the previous Associate Head for Research. He is also a past President of the American Society for Neural Therapy and Repair (ASNTR), and current chair of the ASNTR Task Force for Research Guidelines on Stem Cell Research.

Dr. Low's research translates neuroscience developments from lab to clinic, focusing on neural progenitor/stem cell therapies, gene therapies, neuroprotective therapies, and medical devices for neurological conditions. His work targets stroke, Parkinson's, brain tumors, Alzheimer's, lysosomal storage disorders, Huntington's, spinal cord injury, and traumatic brain injury. Notably, his team first restored memory in an Alzheimer's rat model via cholinergic neuron transplants, demonstrated immunotherapy for brain tumors, and received FDA approval for deep brain stimulation trials in Parkinson's disease.

Dr. Low's research publications have made a significant scientific impact and inspired many in the field. His h-index ranking above the 95th percentile among faculty in neurosurgery departments across the United States is a testament to the profound influence of his work and his dedication to advancing the field. 

Under Dr. Low's leadership, the SCI will evolve into a hub for stem cell information, research collaboration, and education. This will ensure that the institute remains a trusted source of information and an advocate for stem cell research's potential within the community. We are excited to support Dr. Low’s commitment to maintaining and enhancing our international, national, and local reputation as a leader in basic research and the clinical translation of stem cell-based therapies, ensuring that our work continues to make a significant impact in the field.  

We also wish to extend our heartfelt appreciation to Dr. Brenda Ogle for her service as SCI director for five years. Her pioneering spirit and assiduous leadership positions the Institute for its next steps in innovation and partnership. Dr. Ogle is a professor and head of the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the College of Science and Engineering (CSE) and embodies the very best of the Medical School’s commitment to partner with CSE. Dr. Ogle will continue her groundbreaking research in the use of 3D bioprinting for cardiac tissue engineering to create complex model systems, including organoids, that will be critical for understanding remodeling associated with cardiac disease progression imposed by mechanical insult, genetic predisposition, treatment, or diet.

As we congratulate and thank Dr. Ogle, we are confident that the SCI will continue to thrive in its research endeavors. We would also like to thank the selection committee for their valuable contributions to this process. Please join us in congratulating, as well as supporting and collaborating with  Dr. Low in this exciting new chapter