Anatomic graduates from SCI Business Incubator

After two years residency in the Stem Cell Institute Business Incubator, a service providing laboratory space and infrastructure for early-stage stem cell and regenerative medicine businesses, Anatomic is ready to move into their own facilities in northeast Minneapolis.  Anatomic, was started in 2019 by two Stem Cell Institute researchers, licensing intellectual property developed in the laboratories of SCI Faculty members Dr James Dutton and Professor Ann Parr, that permits accelerated differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells into the neural lineage via a naive primal ectoderm intermediate. This key advance allows significant improvement in the speed and control of neural differentiation and has led to development of Anatomic's first commercial product, stem cell derived peripheral neurons useful for pain research, drug discovery and toxicology studies.

Anatomic CEO Patrick Walsh MS, a graduate of the inaugural MS in Stem Cell Biology class of 2010, says “The UMN Stem Cell Business Incubator is a perfect solution for small teams with big dreams. After having spoken with numerous other founders in our space, it’s obvious the opportunity provided by the Stem Cell Business Incubator is unique. It allowed us to stretch early capital to the maximum and bought us enough runway to prove the commercial worth of our first product. We believe the Stem Cell Business Incubator should be a model that’s expanded upon to further grow life sciences entrepreneurship in the state of Minnesota and further diversify the region’s commercial and industrial sector.”

The Business Incubator is still host to two additional stem cell start-up companies, Sarcio, addressing new approaches for cartilage repair and EviaBio, developing DMSO-free stem cell cryopreservation products. Enquiries about the Stem Cell Business Incubator can be directed to James Dutton, PhD. Email: