Research team creates heart valves that can grow with the recipient

In a groundbreaking study, researchers in SCI faculty member Robert Tranquillo's lab used a hybrid of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine to create heart valves that can grow with the recipient.  The lab-created valves were tested in young lambs for a year and showed a capacity for growth. “If we can get these valves approved someday for children, it would have such a big impact on the children who suffer from heart defects and their families who have to deal with the immense stress of multiple surgeries,” Tranquillo said. “We could potentially reduce the number of surgeries these children would have to endure from five to one. That’s the dream.”  Learn more.

Read the Paper:

Zeeshan H. Syedain, Bee Haynie, Sandra L. Johnson, Matthew Lahti, James Berry, John P. Carney, Jirong Li, Ryan C. Hill, Kirk C. Hansen, Greeshma Thrivikraman, Richard Bianco and Robert T. Tranquillo. Pediatric tri-tube valved conduits made from fibroblast-produced extracellular matrix evaluated over 52 weeks in growing lambs, Science Translational Medicine. 2021:13, 585.