Stem Cell Institute Researchers launch UMN startup to develop novel treatments for osteoarthritis

When a research team led by Stem Cell Institute Faculty member Tim O’Brien, PhD and Beth Lindborg found that they could generate hyaline cartilage cells from induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs), they thought that the discovery had the potential to help osteoarthritis patients by regenerating and repairing the cartilage in their degenerated joints.  It may lead to a treatment that could prevent or delay the need for joint replacement surgery.

So, the team got in touch with the UMN Discovery Launchpad program for assistance in founding a startup called Sarcio  and in developing a strategy to commercialize their technology.  Sarcio has been working in lab space provided by the Stem Cell Institute’s Business Incubator for the past several years.  Read more about the company and CEO Beth Lindborg here.