University of Minnesota Collaborators

Dr. Greg Beilman, Department of Surgery: Force assessment in the ICU and the induction of mild hypothermia in the fibrile patient.

Dr. John Bischof, Departments of Urological Surgery and Mechanical Engineering: Ablation therapies and cellular thermal injury.

Dr. William Durfee, Department of Mechanical Engineering: New product design and body mechanics.

Dr. Arthur Erdman, Department of Mechanical Engineering: New product design and cervical traction.

Dr. Michael Loushin, Department of Anesthesiology: Malignant hyperthermia, force assessment in humans and in vitro force studies of isolated human left ventricular trabeculae; the use of opioids to prevent acute ischemic damage.


Collaborations with Other Institutions

Dr. James Coles, Medtronic, Inc.: Cardioprotection and voltage clamp of cardiac myocytes.

Dr. Hans Ginz, Anesthesiology, University of Basel/Kantonsspital, Basel, Switzerland: Force assessment in the anesthetized patient.

Dr. Alexander Hill, Medtronic, Inc.: Functional and comparative cardiac anatomy.

Dr. Timothy Laske, Medtronic, Inc.: The Visible Heart®, alternate site cardiac pacing.

Dr. Daniel Sigg, Cardioprotection and voltage clamping of cardiac myocytes.

Dr. Nicholas Skadsberg, Medtronic, Inc.: Alternate site cardiac pacing, repolarization, electrical and mechanical restitution dynamics.