Courses in which Paul Iaizzo Participates

Physiology Laboratory (BMEN 3701)

Advanced Cardiac Physiology and Anatomy (PHYS 5510)
(Dr. Iaizzo is the course originator and director)

TMJ and Craniofacial Pain: Advanced Theory and Principles (Dent 8440)

Muscle (BIOC/PHSL/BMEN 5444)

New Product Design and Business Development (BMEN 8401-8402, ME 8221-8222, ENTR 6041-6042, OMS 6061-6062)

IEM Clinical Immersion Program


Outreach Events

The Visible Heart Labs participate in a variety of outreach events such as the American Heart Association Heart Walk, The Minnesota State Fair and middle school science or health fairs. We are equipped to set up our educational materials as a booth that includes plastinated heart models, 3D printed heart models, The Atlas of Human Cardiac Anatomy (created by VHL), and a pacemaker simulation. We can also set up a demonstration where students participate in different educational stations using a passport to discover the answers to various heart questions. The “A Heart to Learn” passport was developed for elementary and middle school outreach and heart education through the Visible Heart Laboratories and Lillehei Heart Institute. The educational stations are set up in a gymnasium or large area of the hosting party. Elementary students are given a “Heart to Learn” passport and adequate time (~1 hour) to visit different stations focused on heart sounds, basic cardiac anatomy, cardiac history and heart health. Upon completion of the passport, students receive a prize. Our goal is to get kids excited about science, to help them understand the importance of a healthy heart/lifestyle, and to provide a basic understanding of cardiac anatomy and physiology. If you are interested in setting up an educational outreach event, please contact Kara Heinle at heinl044@umn.edu