Mahmoud Khalifa was among the 191 doctors from University of Minnesota Physicians named to Minnesota Monthly's 2019 Top Doctors list.  The list represents 48 different medical specialty areas including pathology.

Khalifa is LMP Donald F. Gleason Professor and Director of Anatomic Pathology and a member of the Division of Molecular Pathology and Genomics. He conducts clinical and translational research in gynecologic, hepato-biliary and gastrointestinal disease including cancer using immunohistochemical and other advanced techniques. 

“Obviously, being named on the top doctor list is a great honor that any physician would cherish,” Khalifa said.  “Nominations by colleagues are particularly honorable because we all share the daily challenges and my colleagues know the exact value each of us brings to the workplace.  This nomination is also a reminder to keep challenging myself in order to stay at their nomination standard.”  

While true for all other specialties, laboratory physicians are probably the most dependent on the performance of all members of the bigger team of professionals within the laboratory. Khalifa said.  “So, if I have been nominated to the Top Doctor list, it is because other members and colleagues around me enabled that unique level of excellence within our laboratory.”

Khalifa said he hopes his nomination will help inspire continuing excellence across the M Health Fairview system and encourage the collaborative work needed to bring more names from within the system to the annual Top Docs list.  In congratulating system physicians on the Top Docs list, Badrinath Konety, University of Minnesota Physicians CEO and Medical School Vice Dean of Clinical Affairs, said the recognition “underscores our commitment to driving a healthier future rooted in our values and commitments to the people we serve.”