American Journal of Clinical Pathology editor-in-chief Steven Kroft and scientific publication director Joshua Weikersheimer informed Mahmoud Khalifa in March that he has been selected to become part of the new editorial board of AJCP as the Associate Editor for GYN Pathology.  The appointment will begin May 1.

The American Journal of Clinical Pathology (AJCP), a leading peer-reviewed pathology and laboratory medicine research journal, is the official journal of the American Society for Clinical Pathology and the Academy of Clinical Laboratory Physicians and Scientists.  As AJCP associate editor, Khalifa will be responsible for management of peer review in his subspecialty area, including assigning reviewers, reading completed reviews, and making recommendations for disposition of articles.  He will also be responsible for recommending Assistant Editors in GYN pathology, soliciting and publishing timely significant research findings, and attending appropriate major pathology and laboratory medicine meetings to keep abreast of trends in research and clinical application in GYN pathology. Editors are obligated to attend the annual editorial board meeting at the ASCP Leadership Forum and participate in quarterly editorial board conference calls.  AJCP editors are volunteers, appointed/reappointed annually.

“I am profoundly honored by this appointment as it highlights the trending subspecialization of the ever-evolving complexity of Laboratory Medicine,” Khalifa said.  “Building areas of subspecialty excellence within the AJCP Editorial Board will not only advance our journal but will boost the quality of practice among its wide readership.” The appointment is also a testament to the stature of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology, home of some of the most distinguished, highly qualified pathologists, he said.