The Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology is remembering professor emeritus Matthew Mescher who died of cancer December 21st.

In a message to LMP faculty December 28th, LMP head Leo Furcht wrote:  “Matt was a great leader and tremendous asset to the department and the institution. He was the first hire we made in the Center for Immunology and as its leader for many years really established the foundation and growth for this outstanding center. He was key in identifying and recruiting all the senior immunologists we have in the department and many others in the institution. He left an indelible mark in making the Center for Immunology one of the top research centers in the country.  He led the department's research advisory council for many years and played an important role in overseeing and guiding numerous research intensive faculty in the department and the institution. He was a mentor for many at all levels in the school. His sound judgment and critical evaluation of science and scientists was invaluable to me over the many years he was in the department. We and I very personally will miss his warmth, his humor and his very thoughtful advice.” 

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