MINNEAPOLIS, MN- Oct. 8, 2020 - The University of Minnesota Medical School’s Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology has been selected to participate in a new national network dedicated to serological, or antibody, sciences as one of four Capacity Building Centers in the country. As part of the Serological Sciences Network (SeroNet), the team received a five-year, $6.7 million grant to support their part of the network's research effort. 

“This grant recognizes the deep strength of the faculty in our department as well as the Center for Immunology in the Medical School,” said Leo Furcht, MD, chair of the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology. “And thanks to the early investment by Minnesota’s Governor and Legislature in enhancing our University testing capacity, we are in a position to contribute to the nation’s serological study needs as well. We have completed more than 400,000 PCR tests for the state, as well as nearly 16,000 antibody tests based on the test protocols developed in Minnesota.”

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