Industry Professionals

This program serves as a focal point for education in the area of Biomedical Physiology. Our short courses, PHSL 5510: Cardiac and PHSL 5525: Pelvic, are open to non-enrolled students (usually from Biomedical Industry), as well as students in degree-seeking programs at the University of Minnesota. Short courses are intense 3-5 full day classes that combine class meetings with carefully supervised human cadaver dissections. The teaching faculty are Integrative Biology and Physiology teachers and clinical experts in their field. The purpose of these programs is to serve the needs of the local community and to also serve specialty niches within the University.

Cardiac Short Course

Course Objectives:

  • Provide an overview of the physiology and anatomy underlying cardiac function
  • Provide details on cardiac microcirculation, cellular function and oxygen delivery
  • Provide students with an understanding of cardio-pathophysiology and current clinical treatments
  • Allow students to perform dissection within the Human Gross Anatomy Lab
  • Provide students with various demonstrations on monitoring cardiac function
Next offering:  January 6-10, 2025


Pelvic Short Course

This is a short course focused on the anatomy and physiology of the pelvis, perineum, and urinary system. It has a strong anatomical bias with the pelvis and perineum, but will delve more deeply into the physiology of the urinary system. Some time will be spent considering common pelvic dysfunction (including incontinence, prolapsed and erectile dysfunction), urological pathophysiology and renal physiology. Each afternoon is spent in the U of MN human cadaver lab.

Next offering:  January 15-17, 2025