PHSL 5510: Advanced Cardiac Physiology and Anatomy

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Course Description & Structure

The Department of Integrative Biology and Physiology (IBP) is offering Advanced Cardiac Physiology and Anatomy (PHSL 5510), a week-long intensive course. Next offering will be January 6-10, 2020. It enrolls students from the University of Minnesota and from biomedical engineering companies in the metro and surrounding areas. The course will be offered for no credit to non-students, or for 2 or 3 credits to University students (3 credits requires added research project). The class will meet from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM for one week: lectures, small group discussions, demonstrations and participation in a human gross anatomy laboratory will be included. There will be a keynote lecture after class on Monday evening. For Industry (non-UMN students), the cost is $3500 which covers all course materials, cadaveric dissections, lockers, meals. UMN students cost is tuition for 2 credits plus a $525 course fee.

Exam: There will be one take-home essay exam that will be based on lectures and labs. This take-home (open-book) exam will be distributed the last day of class, and you will have approximately two months to complete and e-mail, fax or mail it back to the Department of Physiology. If you are a UMN degree-seeking student taking the class for credit, then the exam is mandatory.